Inpatient Services

Our  main hopitals have a bed capacity of 60 to cater for Surgical, Maternity and Medical wards. The wards are modern and very condusive. The unit is well equipped for the management of critically ill patients while the environment promotes patient privacy, recovery and wellbeing.

Our inpatient services comprise of:

  • Male: Medical and Surgical
  • Female: Medical, Surgical and Ob/Gyn
  • Children: Medical, Surgical and Pre-term
  • PAEDS (NBU, kangaroo mother care, medical and surgical cases) admitting children below 12 years.
  • New Born Unit (NBU)
  • Please note that children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the wards
  • Male and Female surgical,
  • Male and Female medical
  • Gynae, maternity

Our inpatient visiting hours are:

Monday to Friday

Morning: 6am to 7am

Afternoon: 1pm to 2pm

Evening: 4.30pm to 6pm


Availability of a bed can be confirmed through the Hospital’s coverage number 0718642944 till 5pm.

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